Top 5 Part-time Jobs For Students With No Experience

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Best Part-time Jobs For Students: Do you know that as a student you can start working part-time for professional jobs even without any experience? Means, you may not need to wait to graduate before joining as a full-time career, rather you can start working as a part-time basis before completion of your college graduation.

Finding a suitable part-time job for students is very important these days as the cost of education has increased significantly in India. So, it is always better to manage your personal lifestyle expenses at least by earning some passive income. In this article I will share some cools ways with which a student make money even without any professional experience.

best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Best 5 Part-time Jobs For Students With No Experience

Gym Instructor Job

Generally a to become a gym instructor of a reputed Gymnasium chain, you need enough qualification and relevant experience. But in case you have good body and proper knowledge of how to make muscular body in gym, then you can easily exploit such jobs near your college.

Freelance Recruiter Job

Hiring for companies has a very good opportunity and this is one of the best home based jobs mainly for women. Now a days this job has become a completely work from home driven only. If you have knowledge in human resource sector, then you can easily exploit this job opportunity and help the recruitment consultancy companies. You can make good money for successful hiring & joining of candidates. More over you can use this experience in your professional life later on.

Call Center Executive

Call center executives are now a days working from anywhere. You may get many calls related to credit card application, opening a new bank account or buying an insurance policy. Have your even though who are they calling you? They are people like you & me only who get some assignment with the list of people. Now the work is to call them and convince them to buy the product. off-course you may need to preliminary training before getting such a job.

Internet Marketer Job

Personally I like this job the most. This is one of the best interest driven job where you will help some business or web master to set up their website, promote their products online a=and similar activities. If you know what is affiliate marketing, then you can easily make money promoting various products online even without a a website.

Spoken English Teacher job

Do you have a good communication skill? can speak in English with proper speed & accent? Then you can en-cash the opportunity to become a spoken English trainer by joining any nearby institute. Speaking English is a must now days in colleges and every college there are many student who join such classes to learn to speak English.

Top 5 Part-time Jobs For Students With No Experience
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  1. Call Centre executives jobs are large in number in India. Even I am working at tech support in HCL.But there is no future scope in such jobs. They are even hiring the graduate for the same process for which they are hiring the non-graduates. Many of these non-graduates have higher salary than graduates. They need to make it fair.

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