Top 5 Part Time Jobs for Indian College Students

Are you looking for some passive income opportunities besides your study time in college? Do you want to manage your pocket money by working part-time while studding in college? Like many, personally I also started looking for various part time job opportunities available online during my free time college days.

If you can make some extra money while studying in college you can easily take a little burden of expense form your parents as well. In this article, I will share some legitimate & part time jobs for College Students. Although there could be many such option, but I only focus on the best 5 Part time Jobs for Indian College Students.

best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Best 5 Part time Jobs for Indian College Students

Here I am sharing the list of online as well as offline part-time jobs which any student can pursue after their college hours. The best part here is that, now a days almost every student is having computer and college is providing free internet connection, which is simply opening the door of internet.

Affiliate Marketing jobs

This is the best way to make money online. As you are enjoying a free internet connection in college, simply start sharing various topic in your blog and make money from a blog. You can create various blogs and bring traffic to make money from advertising programs like adsense or affiliate marketing techniques. Many students are now a days converted into full time blogger and prefer to take blogging as full-time career over typical 9 to 5 job in India.

Freelance Writing jobs

Blogging has become one of the best online career option for many in India. Now a days a blogger can make huge money online just by writing in their blogs and content marketing. If you are a good writer, you can write for your blogs or else be a freelance writer and make money by writing articles for many bloggers. generally the rate of freelance writing in India is around 50 paisa / word. That means if you write an article of 1000 words, you will earn Rs 500 and in a day you can write 1-2 such articles and make Rs 1000 per day. means monthly max 30,000, which is even higher than an IT consultants joining salary.

Home Tuition or Private Tutor

If your college in near to some locality, then the best way to utilize your time is providing home tuition services to schools kids. Just ask your local friends to find out kids who are looking for specialized subject teachers. Education niche is a very profitable sector in India and every parent is spending like anything for their kids. You can easily make Rs 3,000 per month per student if you can provide good teaching in science  subjects.

Shop Assistant Job

Whether you like it or not, but every shop or business need part-time assistant on temporary basis so that they take care of the business for a particular time zone. If you are interested, then you can easily find out such jobs in your college area or nearby locality. The payout may not be that much, but you can utilize your time for some extra money.

Tax consultant Job

Do you know how to prepare ITR or income tax return? Then you can make some good money every year by helping people doing this. Besides that if you are good in personal finance, then definitely you can help people or offer personal finance adviser service and help people in investing money or income tax guide. Although its is not that easy, but in the age of internet everything is possible. But you can definitely apply for this kind of jobs.

So, have you explored any of the job opportunity? If not, then think why you are wasting your time in college as you have many ways to make money just working for few hours only. Share your experience here by writing a simple comment below.

Top 5 Part Time Jobs for Indian College Students
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