Top 5 Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress in 2018

Quiz play an effective role in getting user engagement and getting customer feedback. Surveys and quick section can be efficiently used for getting valuable feedback. Today, we will be discussing about some of the finest WordPress quiz plugin, which you can easily set up for your website for potential visitors.

Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress

List of 5 Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress 2017

With the wordpress platform, implementing a quiz section on your website has become a lot easier, with both free and premium plugins available. Following are the 5 best WordPress quiz plugins that you can use to get the best experience:

Wp Pro Quiz Free WordPress Plugin for Quiz

Wp Pro is one of the most customizable and powerful quiz plugins available for WordPress. The plugin comes equipped with several features such as Correct/Incorrect response messages for questions, “Matrix Sorting” choice, HTML in answers and questions is also enabled and the plugin is able to support several languages.

  • Multiple Choice
  • “Free” Choice
  • “Sorting” Choice
  • Single Choice
  • “Matrix Sorting” Choice
  • Time limit
  • Assessment
  • Close function

WP Quiz

WP Quiz is one of the finest Quiz Plugins developed by Mythemeshop for WordPress. It is a freemium type quiz plugin that offers extremely customizable settings. The plugin will allow you to create several different types of professional quizzes and surveys for WordPress site.

WP Quiz offer three types of quizzes, which are Personally Quiz, Flip Cards and Trivia Quiz. If you purchase the WP Quiz Pro, you will get additional two quiz, which are Swiper and FB Quiz.


  • Add video or image
  • Comes along with Demo Data
  • Import with one click
  • Responsive Quizzes
  • Ability to add unlimited quizzes

SlickQuiz Free WordPress Plugin

SlickQuiz is a plugin used for managing and displaying dynamic and pretty quizzes. It provides unlimited number of questions and unlimited number of answers. You can also save user scores and share results via Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

  • Questions can have multiple or single correct responses
  • Answers can have incorrect and correct response messaging
  • Show incorrect/correct response message after each question or at end of quiz

Quiz Master Next Free WordPress Plugin

The quiz offers most flexible and easiest ways to add multiple surveys, tests and quizzes to your website. The plugin also allows for you to create unlimited quizzes with unlimited amount of questions. By using the plugin, you can easily create a quiz, and add it to any web page by using a customized piece of short code.

  • All user to share results on social networks
  • Requires visitors to be logged in
  • Required certain amounts of questions to be answered
  • Limited amount of total entries to survey or quiz
  • Show all questions on single page or one question on each page

Easy Quiz Free WordPress Plugin

An easy and quick quiz plugin which allows you to present set of questions for your reader also let them check answers. The answers and statistics are not stored into the database and the purpose of it is purely for reader’s entertainment. It also creates quiz similar to BBC Weekly Quiz.

  • View results at any point
  • Results can be viewed without submission.
  • Cut and paste questions onto your post
  • No installation required

So, you can now use any one of these Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress 2017 and start sharing quiz on your blog to increase user engagement. This is one of the best way to make your blog popular and bring your readers back again & again. Write a comment below and share your experiences if any.

Top 5 Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress in 2018
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