Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms 2018 – Create a Blog For Free

Want to start a blog but running out of money? Do you know like you every newbie blogger is spending the initial days whether to start a blog for free or start investing from day one on a self-hosted WordPress blog like every pro-bloggers are doing?

If you are also confused and wasting your time to decide whether to create your first website for free or not, then let me tell you that better to start of with a free blogging platform only. As you should not wait to launch your idea too late, before someone can start the same.

Why Starting A Blog on Free Blogging Platform is Not a Bad Idea

The first thing I want to say that now a days it is very easy to migrate from any free blogging platform to a premium platforms like In fact I have migrated my first blog from blogspot to WordPress after keeping it free for 2 years.

What matters actually is, you should start with your blogging ideas now only, whatever is the blogging platform. In this article I am going to share some awesome free blogging platforms where you can build your first website like a professional website only.

Best Free Blogging Platforms 2016 | Top 5 Free Blog Sites List 2016

You might have read top 10 free blog sites or similar articles where more than 10 is shared, but I think only 1 is enough to kick start your first blog. Still I am sharing the best 5 blogging platforms mentioning my favorite with real time experience. Here is a summary of popular blog websites listed below.

PlatformWeb AddressDescription
Bloggerwww.blogger.comThe Longest Running Free Blogging Platforms On The Web by Google
WordPresswordpress.comThe Most Popular Free Blogging Platform & the most professional too
Weeblywww.weebly.comFree website creation tool with awesome drag & drop design features
Tumblerwww.tumblr.comThe Easiest Free Blogging Platforms To Use
Wixwww.wix.comA Free web site builder software where one ca create a website using predefined templates in just 5 minutes

This is one of the most trusted and in fact very popular blogging platform. In fact many people know about blogging from blogspot itself only. I have created my first blog with Google blogger platform and even after migration I have couple of blogs running on blogspot platform. The best part I found is that there is a huge community working to make a blogspot blog look professionally. Easy to use templates available with highly SEO otpimized, fast loading and all necessary features one website is required to stay ahead in the competition. In fact you can buy a custom domain and map to the same.

I have seen many bloggers making huge money from their blog running on free blogger platform only, specially technology blogs. Migration from Blogspot to WordPress is also very user friendly and you will find many useful free tutorials are available online which one easily follow.

The 2nd spot is without any doubt the Free  WordPress platform. It is very easy to create a website with WordPress and the best part is there are many catchy & SEO friendly Free WordPress themes available online. Even better than blogspot if you consider the design and professional look. But I don’t like the fact that you can’t map your custom domain. But if you are happy to start with a sub domain blog then definitely is an awesome choice. is another awesome platform to start a blog for free. If you want to you can migrate to their premium platform as well where you can host your website, get a top level domain and many more features. In fact you will find many people are running small micro niche affiliate website on free platform itself. What I like about weebly is their design platform where you can easily change the layout of your blog simply by using the drag & drop feature only. Where in case of Blogspotr or WordPress you need little HTML knowledge to do some customization.

Tumbler is another platform where I found many people are starting free blogs using huge collection of themes and templates. But what I feel is it is perfect for those people who are blogging for hobby. The look and feel might remind you some resembles with WordPress or Twitter, but I will say it is another good option to start a blog for free.

I can remember once I have started a free blog on just to explore the how easy to customize their template and design a catchy website. It was really good and recently I have noticed that many people are starting some good design website using their free templates. If you don’t like any of the top 4 free blogging platform, then you can give it a try.

If you ask me, which is the best free blogging platform among these 5, my vote will always go with blogspot only. This is the best one I have experienced ever and I am sure that many people will also agree with me. Share your thoughts by writing a simple comment below and also mention your preferred free blogging sites 2016.

Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms 2018 – Create a Blog For Free
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About the Author: Santanu

Santanu is not a full-time blogger yet, but a blogger by heart. :) Loves to explore blogging tricks, affiliate marketing techniques, online income opportunities & the world of WordPress. I hope my honest attempt of sharing my blogging learning and income secrets will be helping newcomer bloggers to make their blog noticeable and money making.


  1. Hi mate! after long time visit your website … you always provide best helpful tips to your blog visitors, is it really worth to start a free hosting services. Here, am sharing my experience with free blog services. As usual like many beginners i also started a free blog with one of the top web2.0 platform (weebly), i spent almost 3 to 4 days to create a blog and after 5 day i got a mail from weebly, mentioned your blog is blocked and the reason is used some custom html tags, which is not allowed for free service. Update to premium and you can use however you want. i was disappointed, with out wasting my next second, Purchased a domain hosting from godaddy server. So, the free blogs are not under our control, we don’t know when it will be blocked and for commercial blogs, free hostings are not really worthy. Just i shared my experience.. but some people still make money with free blogs..

    1. You are absolutely correct Charan.
      People are there who are making good money from free blog platforms also.
      But for people like you and me, who are planning to stay for long run in blogging industry better to start on a self-hosted blogging platform and execute the plans as per our blogging plan only.
      Many thanks for sharing your valuable experience here.

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