What Cassie’s Food Blog Income Report ( $2,305.65 a mo ) Will Teach You?

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Backtoherroots.com Income reports: Do you think making money from a food blog is impossible? Then I have to say that you have not read my previous income report of Pinchofyum shared already. income report

Who is Cassie of BackToHerRoots.com?

In today’s Bloggers Income Report series, we will introduce you with Cassie, a blogger from Southern Indiana. Personally she is a graphic designer, recipe developer, and food writer. She blogs @ www.backtoherroots.com on various topics from the experience & knowledge, Recipes, Food items, Health and many more. Like many bloggers she also share monthly blogging income report with the income sources.

But seems like she is not updating the income report regularly. From her last income report we can find the she made Total Income: $2,305.65 which is really a good amount. But this report is of October 2014, a long back. You can keep a track of Cassie’s income report page for future updates if any.

Backtoherroots.com Income Report, Affiliate Marketing Secrets

As per the last income report here is the income sources form which she was able to make earning of $2,305.65.

  • The Blogger Network — $926.27
  • Sponsored Content — $500.00
  • BlogHer — $352.30
  • souvrn — $141.03
  • Amazon Ads — $129.76
  • Amazon Affiliates — $87.18
  • Yellow Hammer Media — $77.56
  • How to Monetize a Food Blog eBook Affiliate — $60.00
  • Swoop — $58.63
  • Adsense — $29.02
  • Zulily Affiliates — $2.28
  • GourmetAds — $0.25

Total Income: $2,305.65


  • Food Expenses — $325.62
  • AcceleratedWP (Hosting) — $30.00
  • ViralTag (Pinterest Scheduling Service)— $29.00
  • CoSchedule (Editorial Calendar)— $10.00
  • DropBox (Cloud Storage)— $9.99

Total Expenses: $404.61

So her net blogging income for October 2014 was $1901.04. Not only that she has also shared her blog’s traffic report with detailed analysis of all major traffic sources from where her blog is getting good amount of visitors every day. For more details please visit backtoherroots.com.

What is the takeaway from this bloggers Income report?

If you are planning to start a recipe sharing website, then go ahead. But remember that making money from a food blog will be easy if you know how these top bloggers are utilizing their resources to attract various affiliate products and advertising sources. If you can build a high traffic blog, then definitely impression based on Google adsense could be the best way to make money from your recipe website.

But to attract affiliate sales, you have to work & think hard. I really like the idea of creating a blog page about how to start a food blog and sharing the step by step guide of setting up on Bluehost shared hosting plans. Exactly the same thing, Pinchofyum.com has done. They are making thousands of money just from this single page itself. I would to love to address your queries or experiences if any here, just write a simple comment below.

What Cassie’s Food Blog Income Report ( $2,305.65 a mo ) Will Teach You?
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