How To Reapply After Google Adsense Application Rejected

How many times you have applied for Google adsense account and your adsense application rejected due to some terms not matching with Google adsense TOS. Although there are many working adsense alternatives are there to make money from your blog, but still this is true that Google adsense is the best CPC ad network for publishers ever created. There are bloggers who are making millions every month just from adsense alone.

So, why your adsense account application got rejected? Nothing to worry as I am going to share some useful tips & tricks which will definitely help you to get your adsense account approved next time you apply for Google adsense account. These are few tasks that you have to take very seriously and improve over the period of time.

Tips To Get Your Adsense Account Approved, Even if Your Account Got Rejected Earlier

Take time before applying: The very first thing you should do is to analyse the reasons why your adsense account application got rejected. Take time and improve them all and then reapply later on. Basically if your website or blog is new, you should take 6 months time to build your website properly keeping all best practices aligned.

Thin content: Thin content is one of the major for rejection of adsense application. You have to build a website with enough content to look eligible in Google’s eye. Try to write articles with word count minimum 600+ or more and stay away from thin content.

Duplicate Content: Creating content faster is an art and if you are not able to that then take your own time. Because in a hurry if you just put copied content from other blogs and apply for adsnese account, your adsense application will definitely get rejected.

Violating policies: Make sure you have read the Google adsense policies before applying for new Google adsense account.

No Traffic: Is your website getting enough traffic from organic searches? If not and you are trying to get traffic from paid sources then there will be always risk of getting your adsense account banned.

Missing of basic pages: A website is complete when you display pages like contact us, about us, privacy, terms & services, disclaimer etc very basic pages which will tell the world that this site running by some real people, rather than robots. Google consider this point very seriously and this is one of the biggest reason of getting your adsense application rejected.

Bad Site Structure & Navigation: Most of the bloggers star a blog with free WordPress themes without knowing that their website layout or structure many not be the best. try to get a premium WordPress theme like Genesis framework and build clean & minimalist design website which is very easy to navigate, search engine crawler friendly and SEO optimized.

So, do you think you can take actions on these points overnight and get your adsense account approved? You may find some quick tricks to get your Goole account approved, but remember that shortcut may not help you to survive as you are planning blogging as a full-time career. Better to improve slowly and following the best practice guides to act like a pro.

How To Reapply After Google Adsense Application Rejected
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